Kacanicki Pat, no. 122, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia

Marjana Stanojkovska swimsuit colection

Collection of swim suits designed by Mariana for Summer 2010 in cooperation with our renowned brand for underwear, socks, tights and swim-wear – Sanda. Animal print fabrics are used: leopard and snow leopard, as well as fabric in black and white. In order to make girls feel sexy in their entirety, the models are tailored in the recognizable Brazilian style. An important moment is the specific set of the lower back of the bikini, which creates butterfly form, and because of that Mariana called the collection Butterfly Effect. Otherwise this collection is intended for all girls who want to feel special, sexy, glamorous, confident, and at the same time comfortable on the beach. It is meant for all Alpha girls. The costumes are enriched with various accessories such as chains, zircons and the inevitable threads that are definitely in this season. These creations can be found in all Sanda‚Äôs shops throughout Macedonia.