Kacanicki Pat, no. 122, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia

was established in 1991 as association for production of female tights. Since its establishment till today, the company has built far known image and became famous Macedonian brand SANDA.

The main activity of the Company is production and selling of female tights, and since 1994 the production increased, including high quality underwear and swimming suits.


Currently the company has 70 modern machines and 40 employees, led by successful management team, which aims at increased production and spreading on more markets.


IST KOMERC-SANDA LTD has widespread trade net throughout the country, primary by its shops in Skopje, couple of warehouses (one at production site and one in old bazaar) and secondarily through our commitments and bigger supermarket chains throughout all the country. The brand SANDA is widespread and far known.

During long years of working we learned to follow the fashion modern trends, needs and wishes of our customers, to establish relations of trust and understanding. We are always ready for new collaborations and maintaining the old ones.


The company IST KOMERC – SANDA LTD works especially with high quality export materials from Italy, Poland, Germany and Turkey by which our products are distinguished at the market in our country as well as in the others countries.


Successful placement of our products in the neighboring countries (Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo and Serbia) is enabled by our agents and also, we have direct continuant export to the countries of EU: Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Switzerland.


The materials from which the pantyhose program is manufactured are: polyamide, lycra and microfiber, while for the programs of underwear and swimming suits are manufactured only of high-quality cotton and elastic materials, micro modal and different kinds of lace.

The complete production and business offices are situated in our own building in  Skopje the capital of North Macedonia.