Kacanicki Pat, no. 122, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia

Private Label


is a company that has been established in the beginning for: designing, developing and producing women’s tights and underwear, and now with 30 years of experience of the founders, who with courage, creativity and innovation are coping with the challenges of all those processes.

With our experience and flexibility in the textile industry, focused to thoroughly consider the needs of customers and suppliers, we are building strong ties with different companies in the region and in the EU, providing customers with a wide range of products supported by high quality standards.

Our company is fully automated in the production and processing of hosiery (automatic line and toe closer with auto gusset in different sizes) and our own dye house with ecologically certified colors that do not harm the environment. Automated ironing, stacking and packaging with a capacity of about 5 000 000 pairs per year, depending on the type of product.

In the area

of underwear, our products are mostly placed in the countries of the European Union: Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland, which speaks enough about the quality and the strict certificates we own for them.


Swimming suits are made from high quality materials and placed on foreign markets under Private Label for famous brands in: UK, Netherlands and Israel.

As one of the leading companies in the textile industry in our country, besides the wide range of products for the domestic and foreign market as final product (fully factored manufacturing), we can also offer wholesale manufacturing or making products under private brands .

Our team

that is in charge of the design has huge experience, and we also offer the opportunity for digital preparation of patterns, their construction and grading in many sizes and prototype sampling. The entire design process is made by computer software and is compatible with most formats, where already existing templates can also be transferred into digital format (with Digitizer) and then edited / modified according to needs and then printed in real size and in more colors.

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